How an LA County Muni Shortlisted Pot Growers for Cultivation Licenses

Lynwood, Calif., put applicants for marijuana cultivation licenses through full scale review. Of 40+ applicants, 13 have preliminary approval.

LYNWOOD, CALIF. -- In December, the city council of Lynwood in Los Angeles County voted to permit commercial marijuana manufacturing. Recently, the city moved forward, announcing preliminary approval to 13 applicants for cannabis cultivation licenses, according to

Lynwood is the first in the metro area to work with cultivators, said Priscilla Vilchis, who is also know as "Queen of the Desert" for having two medical marijuana cultivation licenses in Nevada. Vilchis, a former medical practice consultant, is seeking licenses in Lynwood.

“There are a lot of people watching. If this goes well, there’s going to be a domino effect with other local cities,” she said.

After the city began accepting applications in February, more than 40 applications for cultivation, manufacturing, distribution/transportation and product testing came in.

Each applicant must negotiate with Lynwood on terms and conditions for their operations. The city required applicants to provide location, architectural and operations details and plans, including security plans.

Vilchis’s said her Lynwood applications cost between $150,000 and $200,000 to prepare. She said she provided details on everything from air-quality precautions to the policies and procedures governing manufacturing.

Lynwood won't be selling any hyperlocal pot, however. The 2016 ordinance did not include any approval for dispensaries, according to the Cannifornian.

Access the permit application and other materials are on the city's website.

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