911 Mapping with Aerial Imagery & Geocoding

Up-to-date aerial images delivered by the cloud can enhance 911 mapping systems through geocoding with GIS tools.

The Shelby County, Tennessee, Emergency Communications District has implemented high-resolution aerial imagery delivered from the cloud to geocode and plot new addresses and developments into the 911 mapping systems, according to Nearmap. The Emergency Communications District is responsible for establishing local emergency telephone service, providing the network call-handling equipment and updating the geographic information systems (GIS) data for each Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) within Shelby County.

With our old aerial imagery provider, there were issues with mosaicking separate images together, and since the imagery was taken every two years, many rural and unincorporated areas were out of date,” said Timothy Zimmer, GIS administrator for Shelby County’s Emergency Communications District.

Previously, Shelby County’s aerial image process required a contracted flight to photograph the county areas. Because of the high cost of capturing those images, the county purchased images once every two years, after pooling resources from various county entities. With out-of-date images, the county had to develop alternate methods to locate addresses for the 911 systems.

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By combining the impact of data services, base maps, Nearmap imagery and third-party data the county is improving all aspects of public safety, including law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services, according to Nearmap's announcement.

Instant access to updated maps contain GIS data to enhance response time. Other agencies are able to use the district’s imagery and GIS data, as well.

“Other agencies, such as the County Clerk and the Utility Company, are using our addressing data because Nearmap has helped enable us to be much more current,” said Zimmer.

How it Works

Nearmap provides frequently-updated, high-quality aerial imagery to the Emergency Communications District with the following benefits:

  • The imagery is delivered through the cloud as a subscription service, making it accessible to all team members via mobile and desktop.
  • Nearmap imagery is taken at least twice a year, both leaf-on and leaf-off to provide different views of locations in different seasons.
  • Aerial captures integrate directly into ArcMap, ArcPro and ArcGIS Online applications, so GIS information can overlay directly onto the high-resolution imagery.
About Nearmap

Nearmap captures, manages and delivers the most current location content in the world, allowing businesses and governments to explore their environment easily. With Nearmap, organizations unlock opportunities that consistently inform decision-making and profoundly transform the way they work. Our high-resolution, frequently updated aerial imagery is 3-inch GSD, better than satellite imagery. Delivered within days of capture, Nearmap shows changes over time. Users save time and money, reduce site visits, and efficiently plan with current, clear imagery. Nearmap is delivered through a refreshingly easy-to-use interface called MapBrowser™ or accessed via Esri® and Autodesk products.

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