Pro-School Choice Education Secretary Nominee Prepares for Post

Betsy DeVos, nominee for education secretary, resigned from posts with school choice advocates.


By Maria Danilova

WASHINGTON (AP) — Education Secretary pick Betsy DeVos has finalized her financial and ethics disclosures, paving the way for senators to vote on her confirmation next week.

In documents released by the Office of Government Ethics early Friday, DeVos, a wealthy Republican donor and school choice activist, pledged to divest her interests in more than 100 companies within 90 days of her confirmation.

DeVos has also resigned from her positions at a number of think tanks and groups that advocate for school choice and other initiatives.

Democrats and labor unions have protested DeVos' candidacy, saying she intends to dismantle public education in favor of charter and private schools. They have also voiced concern that her family's multi-million dollar contributions to the Republican Party constitute a conflict of interest.

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