COVID-19: How to create a no-sew cloth face covering

The CDC is now recommending face coverings be worn in public; here's how you can easily make one at home

When Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti last week urged the city's nearly 4 million residents to wear protective face coverings when out in public, other officials, including the federal government, quickly followed suit. 

As we now know, seemingly healthy individuals can spread the virus even by merely breathing, so wearing a face covering when you must go out for groceries or medication is seen as an important next step in our ongoing efforts to flatten the curve

But rather than ordering medical-grade masks that are already in dire short supply for our first responders and healthcare providers, citizens are being encouraged to make due with what they have on hand.


Following the latest guidance from the CDC, Multnomah County health officials recommend that you wear cloth face...

Posted by Ted Wheeler on Sunday, April 5, 2020

This short instructional video posted by Emerita Londres Cabrera to Facebook shows you how to quickly create a face covering from a bandana (or other similarly shaped fabric) and two rubber bands. 



Posted by Emerita Londres Cabrera on Thursday, March 12, 2020

There is ongoing debate regarding the efficacy of homemade masks to slow down the virus' transmission, but experts still agree that a homemade cloth mask is better than nothing.

It is important to note that the mask should be snuggly fitted over your mouth and nose during use; you can adjust the positioning of the rubber bands to ensure a proper fit. 

Once the mask becomes wet, or after your outing is complete, it will promptly need to be broken down and laundered. 

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