Historic Boston Neighborhood Mellows on Completed Bike Lane

Boston's North End griped about bike lane construction, but now that the ribbon is cut, a local poll shows citizens felt they would use it.

A three-year project that included a dedicated bike lane in Boston's historic North End neighborhood was met with controversy.

There were frustrations expressed over the bike path construction, as well as the replacing of brick sidewalks with concrete along Atlantic Avenue," according to the local ezine NorthEndWaterfront.com.

The bike lane has green paint to highlight traffic intersections, raised entryways where cars cross over the bike path and permeable pavers that reduce stormwater runoff.

Once completed, the publication's reader poll showed 38% of voters indicated the "would definitely use it" while 46% said they might use it sometimes. In the end, only 15% of the voting audience said they had no use for this piece of the city's Connect Historic Boston project.

Watch a StreetFilms video about Boston's new North End bike lane:

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