These 12 Cybersecurity Tasks Can Help Governments Secure Privacy

From making cybersecurity easy for end users to informing procurement, performing these disregarded tasks can protect your government or agency.

Government officials as a whole have a lot of responsibility to keep their staff and constituent’s information safe and, not to mention, their own. Major breaches in the past few years, like the massive Equifax breach and the Facebook’s controversial Cambridge Analytica breach, put millions of sensitive information at risk and put cybersecurity a necessary piece in an overall security plan. And the recent breach on German politicians is a strong reminder that everyone is capable of becoming a hacking victim regardless of title, status and perceived strength of their security.

Now more than ever, government IT leaders need to put cybersecurity at the forefront of everyone’s mind at all levels. This is crucial because the majority of cybersecurity hacks and leaks occur due to human error, including things like falling for phishing emails and clicking on malicious links. Personnel at different levels have a responsibility to stay vigilant and put security practices in place that make sense.

For example, security professionals need to make cybersecurity easy for end users to practice and implement. If processes slow down or otherwise negatively affect the business, it will be ineffective as a whole and also gives personnel more opportunities to overlook things. Review Varonis's infographic below to learn about overlooked cybersecurity tasks and learn about actions personnel at all levels can take to keep private data safe.

most disregarded cybersecurity tasks infographic

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