Telecommunicator researchers: Call for 911 dispatcher family survey

A 911 dispatcher family survey will incorporate the point of view of family and close friends into research on the critical stress experienced by dispatchers in public safety and emergency communications


The results of the 911 family and social interactions survey are in and can be viewed in full here.

Dispatch professionals and researchers looking at critical stress issues experienced working at emergency call centers are seeking immediate family members, spouses and close friends of current and retired 911 telecommunicators to participate in an anonymous 10-question survey for their 911 Family Impact Study.

The purpose of the study, (the fact sheet can be reviewed and downloaded below), is an effort to gain greater insight into understanding what effects the profession may have on the social and psychological aspects of dispatcher lives. The survey, launched March 1st, asks participants about the impact their family member’s dispatcher job has had on interactions with family and close friends.

Partnering on the study are Elizabeth Belmonte, training supervisor with Cambridge Emergency Communications in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Anne Camaro assistant director of administration and training for Cambridge Emergency Communications, D. Jeremy DeMar, director of emergency communications at Springfield Emergency Communications in Springfield, Massachusetts, and Adam Timm, founder of The Healthy Dispatcher and former 911 operator with Los Angeles Police Department.

How to Participate in the 911 Dispatcher Family Survey

The practitioners are focused on dispatcher critical stress issues and are incorporating the point of view of family members and friends into their research. Interested dispatchers should contact to inquire about survey access for their family members and close friends.

At the close of the study later this year, the researchers will release results and materials in order to engender workshops and inform dispatcher training nationwide.

911 Family Impact Study - Flyer by Andrea Fox on Scribd

Andrea Fox is Editor of and Senior Editor at Lexipol. She is based in Massachusetts.

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