SeeClickFix 2018 Fall Workshop Agenda


SeeClickFix to host its Fall 2018 Workshop October 24–25 in our newly refurbished New Haven, CT offices. This workshop will bring together SeeClickFix partners and thought leaders to share best practices for communicating and collaborating with residents and municipal employees around public services.

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Make reservations at the New Haven Hotel by calling 1–800–644–6835 and using the group code “SEE CLICK FIX”. Make your reservation before October 9th and enjoy a workshop discount.

WORKING AGENDA (subject to change)

Wednesday, October 24

8:30am — Breakfast and Registration

9:00am — Agenda Overview & Introductions: Josh Wyrtzen, SeeClickFix

9:30am — Founder’s Keynote: A Seismic Shift from Complaint Collection to Communication and Collaboration — How to think about SeeClickFix and your city: Ben Berkowitz, Founder & CEO, SeeClickFix

10:15am — Leveraging Resident Associations and Neighborhood Data for Community Building: Lynn Smith, City of Brockton, MA, and Becky Bombero, City of New Haven, CT

Lynn Smith, of Brockton, MA, was named Neighborhood Ambassador and Trainer by the National Resources Network and City of Brockton Constituent Services. In that role, Lynn established the Team Brockton RLP — Resident Leader Program with the goal of scaling up diversified neighborhood associations that would engage local residents in community building and improving the relationship between neighborhoods and the city. All Resident Leaders have been empowered to use SeeClickFix to monitor trends in their neighborhoods.

Becky Bombero, Director of New Haven Parks and Rec and Alfredo Herrera, GIS Specialist for the City of New Haven will discuss cross-departmental “sweeps” of neighborhoods and how they will use the data collected to generate a more complete understanding of issues that affect various neighborhoods and to improve the sites surveyed.

11:00am — Break

11:15am — Increasing Citizen and City Adoption of SeeClickFix with “What’s in it for Me”: Steve Machesney, SeeClickFix

In this interactive session, Director of Marketing Steve Machesney will teach you a foolproof formula for appealing to people’s enlightened sense of self-interest. With a little practice, you’ll be crushing your citizen and employee engagement goals. We’ll explore ways to build MORE trust with residents so they’ll care even MORE about their communities and want to engage MORE with local government. Engagement = Caring.

12:00pm — Lunch

1:00pm — Scavenger Hunt: Amanda Parr & Josh Wyrtzen, SeeClickFix

The SeeClickFix Scavenger Hunt explores the entire SeeClickFix experience from reporting issues as a citizen to handling the work to fix the issue as an organization. Using our mobile platforms in New Haven, we will be simulating the entire process in order to identify ways in which SeeClickFix as a service currently helps to support the community’s needs and increases the efficiency of your organizational workflow while at the same time revealing fresh ideas and opportunities for new features!

1:45pm — Post Scavenger Hunt Survey

2:00pm — A Community First Approach to High-Performance Government: Pete Engstrom & Brad Holthaus, Cartegraph

One of the hallmark traits of a high-performance government is its ability to engage with — and respond quickly to — its community. When residents report a pothole, graffiti, downed sign, or any issue that requires a maintenance crew, what happens to that request? How quickly can your team respond? Have you been able to communicate all the great work your team has accomplished this year?

Learn how local government agencies of all sizes are leveraging technology to streamline their processes, manage their work and resources, and build better relationships with their community.

3:00pm — Utilizing SeeClickFix’s Latest Features to the Fullest: Cari Tate, SeeClickFix

Our product and engineering teams have released a lot of new features and tools this year. We want to make sure you can utilize those new improvements with ease. We’ll review how your organization can improve communications, efficiency, and workflow with our new Portal, Notices, Connector for ArcGIS, mobile app features, and more!

4:00pm — Looking Ahead: Product Roadmap & Feedback: Tucker Severson & Josh Wyrtzen, SeeClickFix

Our product team will provide you a sneak peek of what great features we’re building next to help your organization grow in engagement, efficiency, and communication. We also want to hear ideas from you!

5:00pm — Unwind with us at a local brewery for happy hour!

Thursday, October 25

8:30am — Breakfast

9:00am — Recap of Survey: Amanda Parr, Implementation Manager, & Josh Wyrtzen, UX and Product Designer SeeClickFix

9:30am — You have the Data — What do you do with it now?: Ann-Marie Curry, City of Manchester, NH; Eric Josephson and Dan Riviello, City of Cambridge, MA; Bill Ward, City of Burlington, VT

Ann-Marie Curry is an Administrative Assistant for the Manchester Department of Public Works. The City of Manchester rolled out their Manchester, NH Connects App in the fall of 2014. At the time, the Department of Public Works offered just 14 request types for citizens to report through. DPW’s use of SCF has expanded with Work Order Integration and there are now over 30 request types for citizens to report community concerns. Ann-Marie monitors trends in citizen reporting and adjusts the city’s response accordingly.

Eric Josephson, Director of IT for the City of Cambridge, and Dan Riviello, 311 Manager for the City of Cambridge are committed to Cambridge’s mission of providing open data — both to city staff and to their citizens. Last year they implemented an integration with Cartegraph for tree-servicing issues. The Parks and Urban Forestry division are responsible for maintaining the arboriculture for over 19,000 public trees in Cambridge, a city that has won awards for their stellar arboriculture! In addition, Eric and Dan use the data available in SeeClickFix to inform internal workflows, strategy, allocations. Their Open Data portal allows them to share SeeClickFix data with their citizens.

10:15am — Unconference Brainstorm / Decision of Session Topics:Facilitated by Cari Tate & Robin Ladouceur, SeeClickFix

The last two sessions of the workshop will be participant selected and led. This provides the opportunity to learn from each other, dig into selected topics, and collaborate to the fullest.

10:30am — Unconference Session 1

11:30am — Unconference Session 2

12:00pm — Workshop Recap & Sendoff

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