≤$500K for Violent Gang and Gun Crime Reduction

DOJ is seeking proposals that develop innovative, comprehensive, data-driven approaches to reduce chronic gun crime and gang violence.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is accepting applications through Project Safe Neighborhood (PSN) for partnerships, strategic planning, research integration, crime analysis, training, outreach and accountability initiatives that reduce gun crime and gang violence by the most violent offenders in the most violent neighborhoods.

The funding, which may be used for critical law enforcement officer safety concerns related to PSN target areas and activities, will be awarded to proposals that are research-driven, intelligence-led and problem-solving in reducing firearms and gang violence through enforcement, deterrence and prevention.

There is no matching requirement, but an approved fiscal agent is required for applications. Also, proposals must work toward quantifiable results, which PSN defines as plausible, scientifically-based findings that a solution had either an effect or no effect on the problem. Thus, the involvement of a research partner is indispensable to a successful application.

Applications are due May 17, 2016.

Award amounts are population-based:

  • Category 1: U.S. Attorney’s Office (USAO) district populations of 5 million+ may receive awards up to $500,000
  • Category 2: USAO district populations of 2 million–4,999,999 may receive awards up to $300,000
  • Category 3: USAO district populations under 2 million may receive awards up to $150,000
  • Category 4: Federally recognized American Indian tribes and Alaska Native tribes, and/or tribal organizations, may receive awards up to $150,000

Learn more about selecting a fiscal agent on the Bureau of Justice Assistance website.

Learn more about the opportunity and apply on Grants.gov.

Andrea Fox is Editor of Gov1.com and Senior Editor at Lexipol. She is based in Massachusetts.