“We’re coming into the high fire season, and right now we’re on our knees,” said climatologist Bill Patzert
The emergence of extreme fires in recent years and the resulting devastation shows that communities need better means to anticipate mounting dangers
The move is part of a larger $750 million plan for drainage and stormwater projects in the city-parish
This is not the first time Multnomah County has undertaken a so-called after-action report after a heat wave
The law will help communities prevent flooding, give towns more power to fight climate change and provide much needed funding for green infrastructure
Large-scale seawall proposals raise important long-term questions that elected officials at all levels of government need to consider carefully
Cooling centers, water distribution and other precautions not enough to prevent heat-related fatalities
Managed retreat is controversial, but it isn’t just about moving
It’s unclear what the consequences of the city-parish’s violations will be, or the feasible fixes
The city of Greater Sudbury already has three hybrid ambulances and plans to have a fully electric fleet by 2035
The pandemic has spotlighted how directly housing impacts people’s health
The Native American Agriculture Fund grant will finance educational workshops on topics such as sustainable gardening and integrated pest management to help spur stronger food systems in the region
The suit alleges the use violates the National Environmental Policy Act as the chemicals accumulate on streets and seep into surrounding waterways
GO Virginia was created in 2016 by state lawmakers to administer grants from the Virginia Growth and Opportunity Fund
The water regulation changes, finalized last week, will limit states’ reviews of natural gas and oil pipelines and other projects impacting waterways