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This month’s edition of SafeGov offers a public safety civilian oversight handbook from the U.S. Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services, and an overview of the employer risks increasing as COVID-19 restrictions lift. The California law firm Weintraub Tobin also shares five must-do actions that can help businesses in your community reduce exposure to employee lawsuits.

Listening is a key ask of many protests and rallies being held after the homicide of George Floyd. Many have worked hard to uncover multiple tools used by commercial enterprises in the past to segregate our cities, and there are important insights into how they affect communities today that local governments can learn from.

We know that redlining — the banking practice that ensured certain individuals would not get capital for home ownership — helped result in zipcode being an indicator for several disparities, including health. But decentralized, health equity-oriented approaches can help control the spread of coronavirus now.

And though illegal today, real estate developers used racist covenants in deeds to restrict private property sales in nearly every community in the United States, according to the Minneapolis-based Mapping Prejudice project. Three years ago, we featured the project’s work using GIS and digitized public records to develop its maps, recently used in Minneapolis’s public policy discussions. The key takeaway — understanding racially-based development patterns can be used in discussions about land-use restrictions that keep areas segregated now.

Andrea Fox, Editor
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