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It's no secret that as the pandemic continues to ravage communities across the country, first responders are being disproportionately impacted. And it isn't just because their roles on the front lines put them at greater risk for catching COVID-19; the stressors of an almost yearlong public health emergency are likewise taking their toll on first responders' mental health and resiliency.

What follows are some of our best resources for helping these essential men and women find the support they need.

The Gov1 Team
Peer Support: The missing piece of the mental health puzzle
By Joe Conant  
Sometimes, a first responder may just want to talk to a peer who has walked in their shoes, and can provide understanding and direction
From taboo to treatment: Addressing high rates of mental illness among officers
By Rebecca J. Molsberry, MPH 
Survey finds officers are often unaware they may be experiencing an illness and may need treatment
How To Get Grants To Enhance Health & Safety on Campus
Download this free eBook to learn how grants can help fund measures to increase school safety, from security cameras and radios to infection control.
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Are Your Policies Putting You at Risk?
Lexipol's Local Government Policy Manual provides 50+ policies developed by attorneys and subject matter experts with document management tools optimized for policy management and accountability.
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HHS ‘Service to Self’ program promotes first responder resilience
By Rom Duckworth, BS, LP 
CAPCE-approved online program confronts ‘hero culture’ and shares tools to address mental health challenges
‘Stop being afraid to be judged’ about your reactions to on-the-job experiences
By Jason Patton 
True mental toughness means not burying emotions or avoiding difficult conversations
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