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In top news this week, law enforcement officials nationwide are describing the state of recruiting as in “crisis” mode. Amid growing calls for police reform and national debate over the deadly use of force, police departments are having a hard time retaining and attracting officers.

And as the nation's health officials struggle to convince resistant populations to receive COVID-19 vaccinations, three science communications researchers offer suggestions to encourage protective behaviors related to the pandemic.

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Police departments nationwide struggling with 'recruiting crisis', surge in retirements
Some larger departments are trying to make the application process more accessible by waiving certain fees
Va. city may cut EMS funding by $1M
Canadian city purchases 4 Teslas for community paramedic program
Jury rules Kansas City government discriminated against Black firefighter, awards him $2.4M
Community, cops, courts: NYC mayor outlines plans to tackle violent crime
NM city to launch Alternative Response Unit for low-threat 911 calls
Mont. governor signs bill giving elected officials power over health boards
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The Value of Cellular Broadband for Mission-Critical Communication (White Paper)
Download this free white paper to learn how public safety and local government agencies are using LTE technology to support their critical operations and changing needs.
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COVID-19 public health messages have been all over the place – but researchers know how to do better
By Todd Newman, Dominique Brossard and Emily Howell 
Decades of research in risk communication show that people’s perception of their own risk is key to motivating them to take preventive measures
Local transit agencies get creative to make COVID vaccines more accessible
By Jenni Bergal 
From offering free rides to hosting clinics, agencies are removing barriers for some of the nation's most vulnerable populations
Pandemic promotes city vs. state conflicts
By Elaine S. Povich 
“Generally speaking, not only is there more preemption [lately], it comes with teeth"
Top 10 cities with most properties at risk of flooding
Between 25% and nearly 100% of properties in the following U.S. cities are likely to sustain damage in the event of a flood
Domestic violence calls increased amid the pandemic – but answers haven't gotten easier
Experts estimated these calls increased 8% in the U.S. after stay-at-home orders, compared to 20% across United Nations states
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