America's 10 Fastest Growing Cities in 2018

Every year, the experts at Trulia crunch the numbers to predict the fastest growing cities in the U.S. and we love this year's list because the experts looked at which cities the young cleave to.

The experts at Trulia reviewed the 100 biggest cities in terms of population and then looked at jobs growth, affordability trends, low vacancy rates, home search rates on and if they have a high population of young households to determine which populous cities could be the fastest growing cities for 2018.

The youth contingent metric made this year's report different from Trulia's 2017 housing market report, when the study considered how party affiliations might shape markets.

This year's fastest growing cities in America might be:

#1 Grand Rapids, Michigan, tops the list with 22 percent of households of residents 35 years and under.

#2 Nashville, Tennessee, has the strongest job growth in the country -- 3.1 percent year-over-year.

#3 Raleigh, North Carolina, made up in lower affordability with excellent jobs growth and low vacancy rate.

#4 El Paso, Texas, features an average home price of $186,611, a median age of 33 -- its composed of and 24 percent singletons.

#5 San Antonio, Texas, for the first time in more than a decade, is way up in home ownership with 65 percent of residents living the American dream.

#6 Fort Worth, Texas, has the youngest population of any major metro in Texas, and lots of employers.

#7 Austin, Texas, homeownership is also up in the Lon Star State capital where many flock to educate themselves, and then stick around.

#8 Columbus, Ohio, features a 12 percent year-over-year rise in the median home sales price, but average home price is $159,900.

#9 Madison, Wisconsin, has the highest percentage of college-educated residents in this year's top 10 hottest real estate markets.

#10 Cincinnati, Ohio, is a riverfront region that nestles three states and young people are attracted to. It also boasts a high rate of homeownership and home prices are going up.

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